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Public Space Reservations and Use

Revised Date(s): 01/93, 05/04, 04/06, 03/14, 09/16


Policy Statement

The Metropolitan Library System public spaces are primarily for library programs and events, but when not needed for these purposes they are available to rent. Renting a library space does not imply that the Library endorses the aims, policies, views or activities of the group.


Categories for Renting Space

Rental space fees cover the Library’s basic operational expenses. Fees are approved by the Metropolitan Library Commission and are not negotiable. For purposes of prioritizing use and determining the rental fees, groups or individuals fall into one of the following categories:

Category 1    First Priority, no fees -- Metropolitan Library System programs or events for library staff or the public, which are initiated, authorized, produced, scheduled, promoted in whole or part by the library to accomplish its mission and strategic plan.

Category 2    First come, first served with no fees – Some organizations may be exempt from Public Space fees, please contact your local library for more details.

  • No fees or donations may be requested or received during the events.
  • Events may occur only during working hours.

Category 3    First come, first served with no fees -- use of Study Rooms by private individuals or private groups.

Category 4    Continuing Education tenant agreement – use Downtown Library public space per lease agreement

Category 5    First come, first served with rental fees – Events by non-profit organizations, government agencies, businesses, private individuals, or private groups.

  • Fees or donations may be collected or received during the events.
  • Events may be held during or outside of working hours.
  • Fees for certified 501(c) 3 organizations:  Discount of 50% off the hourly rental rate applied to businesses, private individuals and private groups. Fees for businesses, private individuals or private groups:
Library Room Rate per hr
Almonte A $40
Belle Isle A $25
Belle Isle B or C $40
Belle Isle A+B $65
Belle Isle A+B+C $125
Bethany A or B $25
Bethany A+B $50
Capitol Hill FF $40
Capitol Hill Basement $25
Choctaw A $40
Downtown Single Classroom $25
Downtown Lab $125
Downtown Double Classroom $50
Downtown Friends $70
Downtown Atrium $3000 fixed
Downtown Thorpe or Sequoyah $20
Downtown 46 Star $170
Edmond A or B $40
Edmond A+B $80
Edmond D $20
Midwest City B $25
Midwest City A $40
Midwest City A+B $65
Midwest City Forum $70
Northwest A or B $70
Northwest A+B $140
Ralph Ellison A $50
Ralph Ellison B $60
Ralph Ellison A+B $110
Southern Oaks A $50
Village B $20
Village A $40
Village A+B $60
Warr Acres A $40

For each 4 hour block reserved a 25% discount is applied.

The library reserves the right to charge the following fees for additional required and/or optional service where available:

Service Rate Increment
AV assistance may be required when using MLS equipment $25.00 per hour*
Conference Phone $25.00 per use
Custodial Staff $25.00 per hour*
Changes to contracted room setup $10.00 per hour*
IT assistance required for configuration of computers $50.00 per hour*
Piano, Grand (Downtown Library only) $50.00 per use
Piano, upright $25.00 per use
Security, additional $40.00 Per hour*, per officer
Telephone calls that are long distance MLS Cost  
Access to Downtown Library space prior to libraries opening between working and operating hours (in addition to the individual fee for the reserved room identified in Category 5) $100.00 per hour
Access to space after operating hours (space only)  $3,000.00 Flat rate

* Per Hour means any portion of an hour


  1. The Library may deny use of library public space if:
    • it is the Library’s opinion that the activities of the group will not comply with our Rules of Conduct policy
    • the Library is unable to accommodate the group
  2. The Library limits:
    • the hours space may be rented
    • the number of events occurring simultaneously
    • how far in advance reservations may be made
    • which spaces may be rented
  3. The Library may change space assignments in order to facilitate coordination of usage.
  4. The Library assumes no responsibility for any materials or equipment not owned by the Library.
  5. The group must:
    • Adhere to our Rules of Conduct policy
    • Explicitly identify itself as the sponsor and must not identify the Metropolitan Library System as associated with the group's activities in their literature or publicity. If publicity concerning the event is circulated, it must include the statement "This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the Metropolitan Library System."
    • Have adult sponsorship and supervision at all times
    • Confine all aspects of the event to the space they rented
    • Obey occupancy limits
    • Not cook
    • Not have alcoholic beverages in the libraries or public spaces during working hours
    • Return the space to its original condition after use
    • Not tip or give gratuities to Library personnel
  6. The group will incur additional fees and/or penalties if they:
    • damage the library’s facility or equipment
    • use additional time or services not originally contracted
  7. Requests to rent space outside of the working hours must be requested at least 3 months in advance of the event and must be approved by the Executive Director. Only with prior Metropolitan Library Commission approval may wine or beer be served.  The group must provide proof of all necessary permits, liability insurance, and must indemnify the Library for the event.
  8. No special privileges are extended to organizations to which Library staff, Commission members or members of their households belong.


Indemnity and Insurance
  • All persons, groups, or organizations using Library facilities take the premises "as is" and assume all risks of injury, including death or property damage, to member of the group, organization, event participants, and event spectators which might arise out of activities or out of conditions present on the facilities and groups.
  • Every person, group, or organization using Library facilities will indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Library and its employees from any and all liability or financial loss, costs, or expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees and legal costs) resulting from any suits, claims, losses, or actions brought against the Library and/or employees which results directly or indirectly from the wrongful or negligent actions including, but are not limited to, failure to adequately inspect, discover, and remedy or warn of defects in the premises or grounds.
  • Copyright restrictions apply to the use of Library meeting facilities and equipment.  Library meeting facilities and equipment cannot be used to duplicate or show material protected by copyright law.  Applicants may be liable for any infringement.
  • The Library may require the group/vendor to maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance, to include liquor liability with a minimum of $1,000,000.00 limit per occurrence.  Group/vendor agrees to maintain and be responsible for all Workers’ Compensation Insurance for all employees on the premises if applicable.  In addition, the Library and the Library Commission must be named as additional insured on all liability policies.



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