Public Space Regulations & Use

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Public Space Regulations & Use

Reserving Space

  1. Study room use
    1. Walk-ins or reservations accepted
    2. Reservations are made online by the customer or staff
    3. May use space for up to 2 hours per day
    4. May reserve one use up to 7 days in advance
    5. Reservation is canceled if customer does not show up after 20 minutes
  2. Meeting room use
    1. Requests to reserve space are made online by the customer or staff.
    2. Space may be reserved in the same month and through the end of the following two months.
    3. Reservation requests that are less than 3 days in advance:
      1. Customer will contact the branch at which they are requesting the space. Onsite staff will determine availability and if available, they will book the room for the customer.
      2. All applicable fees must be received prior to accessing the reserved space or the reservation will be canceled.
    4. Processing a reservation request that is more than 3 days in advance:
      1. Customer will go online and fill out the room booking information.
        1. If unable to book online, customer may call any library to request a room reservation.
      2.  Staff will review the booking and either approve the reservation or deny it.
        1. If approved, customer will receive a confirmation email with details on how to make their payment.
        2. If denied, staff will contact the customer with information as to why the reservation was denied and offer alternatives if possible.
    5. All applicable fees must be received by the due date. Reservations will be automatically cancelled if payment is not received by the due date.


Use of Space

  1. Cancellation of a reservation must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled event to receive a full refund.  Exceptions include unexpected hazardous weather or other emergencies.
  2. Authorization for the use of Library public spaces includes only the time and space reserved. Renters will not have access to the space until their assigned time.
  3. All activities must remain inside the assigned, rented space.
  4. It is the responsibility of the designated onsite contact for the group to serve as the authorized representative of the group to ensure the safety and security of the attendees and the library facility, as well as ensuring that the attendees observe the local, state and federal laws and the Library’s Rules of Conduct.
  5. Groups and individuals requesting to rent public space are responsible for the publicity, if desired. Directional signs are subject to approval by MLS and may only be posted by library staff.  Unauthorized signs will be removed.  Handouts may be distributed inside the rented space only. There is no soliciting allowed in public areas.
  6. Neither the library name nor the address may be listed as the sponsor or endorser of any event or used as a mailing address for organizations, groups or individuals using library public space.
  7. Décor must be approved by MLS and must be removed immediately following the rented space agreement.  Equipment, supplies, or décor may not be stored in the library before or after the reservation times. If left unclaimed for five (5) days after the end of the reservation, such property may be sold by the library at a public sale or otherwise disposed of without notice to the customer or liability to the library.
  8. Candles or other open flames (such as chafing dish burners) are not permitted.
  9. Groups may cater food and beverage into the rented space.
    1. Caterers must comply with rules and regulations of the Meeting Room Reservation policy plus the following:
      1. Caterer must provide proof of all necessary permits and licenses for event service, upon request.
      2. Catering staff will arrive and exit only through public locations unless preapproved by library staff.
      3. Parking for catering vehicles must be prearranged with library staff.
      4. Use of loading docks and service elevators must be prearranged with library staff.
      5. All spaces used by the caterer must be cleaned, trash disposed of in the proper receptacle, and all food and beverages removed from the premises, by the end of the reservation time. Nothing (including ice and water) can be poured into the drinking fountains, landscaping, fountain, or grass areas.
  10. Designated library staff may conduct a walk-through after each event to verify that facilities are left in proper order.
  11. User agrees to restore the area to a reasonable degree of order (e.g. all waste material in appropriate receptacles).  Failure to restore facility or meeting room to this condition may result in additional charges for required cleaning and result in revocation of authorization for future use.
  12. If the customer is required to pay for damages, the Library will assess the reasonable cost of repairs and will notify the customer of the damage assessment.  The customer will reimburse the Library for damages by paying the assessed amount within thirty (30) days of receiving notice of the damage assessment.  The Library will deny use of the meeting rooms until the customer pays the assessed amount.




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