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Oklahoma Government Website Information Act

This compilation of links to state laws, rules and regulations impacting operation of the Metropolitan Library System does NOT include all statutes, rules, ordinances, or bylaws that may apply to a specific situation. It is intended as a convenient reference, not as a replacement for the official versions of the Oklahoma Constitution and Statutes, or the Oklahoma Administrative Code. It should not be substituted for advice of legal counsel.

This information is being provided to comply with the Oklahoma Government Website Information Act (House Bill No 2698, 2010).

Please note the following explanations of CITATION abbreviations:

O.S. = Oklahoma Statutes
Okla. Const. = Oklahoma Constitution
OAC = Oklahoma Administrative Code

Definitions used in Library Code (65 O.S. §1-104)

Definitions used in ODL Rules on Public Library Systems (OAC 405:10-1-2)

Adult Novelty Shops – Proximity (11 O.S. §22-109.1)

Audit and Inventory – Annual (OAC 405:10-5-2)

Authorized Disclosure of Records (Library Records/Confidentiality) (65 O.S. §1-105)

Board of Trustees, Library System

Budget, Annual (Rule) (OAC 405:10-5-1)

Budget, Annual (Statute) (65 O.S. §4-105)

Cooperative Agreements, Inter-Local (65 O.S. §5-101)

Creation of Systems

Damage to Library Materials (21 O.S. §1739)

Damage to Library Materials, Malicious (21 O.S. §1785)

Disabled Persons – Services to (7 O.S. §8)

Donations – Confidentiality (51 O.S. §24A.11)

Employees, Library

Establishment of Systems

Funding, Systems

Incorporation of Existing Public Libraries into a System (OAC 405:10-5-4)

Insurance (Public Libraries)

Library Code – General Provisions

Library Service – State of Oklahoma Policy (Statute) (65 O.S. §1-102)

Library Service and Development Plan (OAC 405:10-5-3)

Library Standards and Accreditation (65 O.S. §2-106)

Literacy Services – Contracts (65 O.S. §3-107.1)

Metropolitan Library Act

ODL – Miscellaneous Rules

ODL Contracts with Libraries (65 O.S. §3-107)

ODL Service to Public Libraries (65 O.S. §3-105)

Oklahoma Statutes and Session Laws – Free Copies (75 O.S. §14)

Open Meetings Act

Open Records Act

Patron Records, Confidentiality of (65 O.S. §1-105)

Personnel, Library Systems

Plan, Library Service and Development (OAC 405:10-5-3)

Smoking Prohibited (21 O.S. §1247)

State Aid Grants

State Publications Depository Library System

State Statutes and Session Laws – Free Copies (75 O.S. §14)


Theft of Library Materials (21 O.S. §1739)

Withdrawal From or Termination of System

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