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Guiding Documents

Your one-stop shop for information on our mission, our philosophy and our polices that guide us in serving you.


Mission Statement

We grow smarter communities, one person at a time.


Vision Statement

To be the community’s hub for critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and lifelong enrichment.


20-Year Goal

By 2035, every person in the community will use a library service.


Core Values
  • Library Members First
    Every person in the Community is a member of the Library, and we are committed to their success and to providing them the highest quality service.
  • Integrity and Trust in Us and by Us
    Public confidence can only be achieved when we demonstrate honesty, accountability, and stewardship of the community resources committed to us, including people, time, assets, and funds. In addition, we can only be trusted when we trust our members, colleagues, and partners.
  • Respect for Members and Each Other
    We treat the questions, ideas, and contributions of each of our members, colleagues, and partners with the highest level of respect.
  • Freedom to Learn
    We treasure and protect each member’s freedom to read, view, and learn in order to achieve his/her highest potential.
  • Commitment to Learning as Enjoyment
    We believe that learning can be deepest and most effective when it is enjoyed, and we are dedicated to providing enjoyable opportunities while delivering on the Mission.
  • Individual Growth and Organizational Development
    We commit to expanding our individual professional knowledge and skills, to benefit the Library and its members.


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