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XII Days of Star Wars, Day III: Han Solo

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We tried making suggestions for Han Solo but being Mr. Know-It-All, he took over and decided to tell us what he wants to read, watch, or listen to. Jeez, this guy is a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder.





Smuggler nation: how illicit trade made America by Peter Andreas

It's always nice to see how it all got started.

The Cowboy and The Princess by Lori Wilde

How did this book get on my list? Must have been Leia.

How To Be a Best Friend Forever: making and keeping lifetime relationships by John Sims Townsend

Okay, so this is not in the book, but one way to be a best friend forever is to make sure your friend isn't blasted out of the sky while he's trying to blow up a space station or eaten by some monster in a garbage bay.

Top Gun

Pilots doing crazy stunts for fame and glory, but what about the reward?

Lassie: Best Friends are Forever

For everyone who doesn't have a hairy best friend who is a pilot and speaks Wookiee, the next best thing is Lassie. Don't judge me!

Devil Without a Cause by Kid Rock

When you're escaping from Empire forces and you decide that hiding inside a giant space slug is a good idea. Just put on some Kid Rock and I guarantee you that hiding in a giant space slug is still a bad idea, but you'll have this great background music!

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