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Warning: Stay away from my house!

sick teddy bear with medicine

Greetings, parents and caregivers of young children! Autumn in Oklahoma is finally here. Finally. Sadly, our favorite time of the year has been sullied by a near-constant barrage of colds. The twins are currently fighting off hacking and shnortling. My 8-year-old is fighting off post- and pre- (the grossest kind) nasal drips. Superwife is battling an epic wheeze and a record-setting intracranial clog. Yours truly? I've got a nasty headache, a bone-rattling sneeze, gloopy eyes, and a weird brain fog. Though, honestly, the brain fog is pretty normal for me.

Anyway, we're all feeling it this Fall and haven't been able to get outside to enjoy many of our favorite autumn activities. How’s this for being gypped? We’ve jumped in zero leaf piles, carved zero pumpkins, and roasted zero marshmallows! What we have had ample time to do is lounge about and read books (and watch too much Peppa Pig).

Here are a few of my favorites to share with your little ones when they are sick in bed while all the fun is happening outside.

Until next time, keep reading together!

Llama Llama, Home with Mama book cover

Llama Llama, Home with Mama by Anna Dewdney

We’ve read this one a lot lately. My little ones love the part when Mama Llama “schnortles, hacks, and wheezes.” Dewdney’s oil paintings always impress me and the text is just the right length to keep a preschooler interested. All the Llama Llama books are winners around our house!

Sick Simon book cover

Sick Simon by Dan Krall

Gross alert! Sick Simon is really sick. He wakes up with a gnarly cold (and a hideously drippy nose) but decides he’s not going to let that stop him from enjoying a fun day at school. Simon’s cold germs are all too happy to take the trip and find a few unsuspecting targets throughout the day. This one is a great (and gross) lesson about why it’s important to minimize contact with others when you’re ill.

Another Way to Climb a Tree book cover

Another Way to Climb a Tree by Elizabeth Scanlon (illustrated by Hadley Hooper)

I love this little book! Imaginative Lulu loves climbing trees. When she gets sick she isn’t able to go outside and enjoy her favorite activity, so she decides to put her imagination to work and climb a tree indoors!

Bear Feels Sick book cover

Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson (illustrated by Jane Chapman)

Autumn has fallen on the forest and poor Bear is sicker than the Jordan household. All of Bear’s friends work overtime to help him feel better while he rehabilitates in his comfy cave. Just as Bear starts to feel well enough to come play...all his friends begin to feel sick!

Bob, Not Bob! book cover

Bob, Not Bob! by Elizabeth Scanlon (illustrated by Matthew Cordell)

This book is to be read as though you have the worst cold ever (it’s harder than you think). Sad little Louie is stuck in bed with just such a cold. Sadly, Louie can only summon his canine friend Bob each time he calls out for Mom to help him get better. Hilarity ensues as Louie gets progressively more agitated that no one can understand him though his clogged nose.

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? book cover

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by Jane Yolen (illustrated by Mark Teague)

What happens when a dinosaur catches the flu? What can he do to get well soon? Find out in this picture book from the “How Do Dinosaurs…” series. Each book in the series delights with its playful illustrations and jaunty rhyming text. This one is a winner too!

If Beaver Had a Fever book cover

If Beaver Had a Fever by Helen Ketteman (illustrated by Kevin O’Malley)

What would you do if a beaver had a fever? How about a goat with a sore throat? Find out Mama Bear’s best remedies in this fun little picture book!

Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze! book cover

Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze! Maureen Wright by Maureen Wright (illustrated by Will Hillenbrand)

My bone-rattling sneeze is nothing compared to Bear’s! Every time he walks past a tree he sneezes and knocks the leaves off the branches. Poor Bear tries with all his might to fix the damage he’s caused, but there might be an alternate explanation for the gust that causes the leaves to fall.

Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day cover

Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day

Peppa Pig (as mentioned above) is a fan favorite in our home right now. We’ve watched way too much while we’ve been sick, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this DVD because it’s got one of my favorite Peppasodes: “Not Very Well”. Poor Peppa is sick in bed but she’s got lots of friendly faces to keep her company while she rests in bed. Toddlers, schoolchildren, adults, and senior citizens will love this episode. Or at least they should.

Why is Snot Green? book cover

Why is Snot Green? by Glenn Murphy

If you’d like to answer this and other uncomfortable questions, you’ll want to pick up a copy of this conversational Q+A pronto. Warning: grossness lurks inside!

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