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Pisces Iscariot

Pisces fish

I believe that every year at this time a certain group of people get looked over and passed by, buried between the heart-shaped boxes of post-Valentine’s Day mixed emotions and the preservative, reverie-filled green dye that runs through our veins on that one day a year we are all somehow Irish. Those people are my psychic kinfolk, my fellow Pisceans; my confused, beautiful, fragile little fish friends; the oldest of the astrological chart and in my (not so) humble opinion the key to all the world’s magic and mystery. Now whether you believe in astrology (not to be confused with the esteemed and wonderful science of astronomy which I would be completely in love with if it didn’t involve so much math) or not, the whole thing is a fun, interesting little experiment to think about, especially when it comes to relationships with others. While Pisces does have a dark side, one riddled with too much emotion, dependence and a narcissistic, tortured soul variant that knows no depth (think Jack Kerouac, Johnny Cash and we even have a serial killer in our midst), we are mostly harmless daydreamers that are intuitive, creative, gentle, and obsessed with love. So with all of that being said, here are a few of my favorite Pisces (besides myself) and a book to represent each one!



Karen Carpenter "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down."

Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter by Randy Schmidt

Not only was Karen Carpenter an amazing musician, she is also my birthday twin and the epitome of the two-sided life of the Pisces. To most people, in typical star fashion, she seemed to have it all—talent, fame, beauty—but all of that slowly fell away along with the deterioration of her body. Full of talent and drive; her downfall being her own demons, which happens to so many of us. Once full of life and ambition she was pulled and broken down by fame, family, marriage, stardom and anorexia. Her life is a haunting tale of a beautiful soul. The Carpenters sold more than 100 million records but those records could not fill the void of love that Karen so longed for. In an effort to gain attention from her mother and control of her life, she became anorexic and in turn actually lost control of her weight, and eventually lost her life because of it. To listen to The Carpenters as a kid I was always filed with the happiness that good pop music leaves you with; their songs being light and airy and leaving you feeling on top of the world. But to listen now (while those feelings are still invoked), there is a much deeper more haunting effect left by their music; one tinged with sadness and loss.

Alexander McQueen "That's what I'm here for—to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition."

Savage Beauty by Alexander McQueen

Like a lot of Pisces, Alexander McQueen was driven by falling in love and the creative drive found within the love of love. He was a fashion designer, whose works were seeped in emotion, history, impulsiveness, nature and romance. Those last two probably being his greatest and most driving influences making him a true creative Pisces. He was a rebel who loved shock value, with a career driven by antiestablishment views that proved that sometimes going against the grain can propel you to great heights. McQueen as an artist did indeed work hard and made an everlasting name for himself within the fashion world. Like other Pisces, McQueen was sensitive and fragile which caused him to both love the spotlight but also at certain times be very private (something I can relate to for sure). After his muse, fashion world guide, and friend, Isabella Blow committed suicide in 2007, followed by the death of his mother in 2010, McQueen committed suicide himself one year later. 


Carson McCullers “As often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known.”

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers

Carson McCullers was a writer ahead of her time, progressive and troubled, brooding and thoughtful, wild and intelligent. Not only was she a prolific writer but she was also a unique individual: one who dressed more like a man than a woman, one who favored androgyny, one who tended toward drinking and smoking and chasing after anyone who captured her heart and desires be it woman or male. Her personal life rivals that of infamous male writers, wrought with gossip, illness, parties, and tumultuous relationships (she was twice married to the same man, who later killed himself). The author of eight books, perhaps her most well-known being The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, a novel about outcasts and loneliness. As a celebrated southern writer, her books spoke on intersectional feminism and the dismantling of the southern belle. McCullers was also a classic Pisces—a hard worker, creative, and free, but riddled with demons and illness. Just goes to show that if only the fair Pisces could overcome their own battles, they could most likely rule the world (not that we would want to)!


Astrologically Incorrect: Unlock the Secrets of the Signs to Get What You Want, When You Want by Terry Marlowe

Just throwing this book in because it’s the funniest little tongue in cheek astrology book I’ve ever read, focusing on the ways to "manipulate" each astrological sign into doing what you want. It’s a refreshing change from most astrology books which focus on the good, or how to change to be better and instead focuses on the downfalls of each sign and how to use their weaknesses to your advantage. It all sounds more evil than it is, as it’s all in good fun after all, but this book really points out the way astrology can be used to possibly study the demeanors and insight of others. Super fun and quick read!


Kurt Cobain “Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art.”


Kurt Cobain was the ultimate Pisces poster child and my own personal 90s sweetheart, both talented and troubled with a penchant for drugs. His music continues to be the soundtrack for a generation.

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