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Homework Help Resource Post #5: Geography & Culture

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If your student is researching other countries, working on a report about the most popular foods in Mexico, learning their states and countries or just curious about other places and cultures - these are excellent resources to spark their curiosity. Exploring these resources can be a fun way for you and your student to learn about the world we live in together. You may even try a new recipe inspired by another culture's favorite cuisine. If you find this post useful, check out the other homework help posts on the Dog-Eared Blog.

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Culture Grams

CultureGrams includes four versions in one site including World Edition, States Edition, Kids Edition, and Provinces Edition. This helps give each user the best experience researching their topic. Students can cliv on an area of the map and learn more about that area including what its flag looks like, sports, holidays food and even life as a kid in that area. Students may also view photos, videos, interviews and more to dive into the culture of the area. This is a great place to start for a school presentation on a state of country or a research paper.

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World Almanac for Kids

This resource covers a variety of topics including America’s National Parks, Oceans, Lakes and Rivers. Students can browse information about each national park including history, geography and geology, key features, flora and fauna and information about visiting the national park. Students can also learn about famous lakes, rivers and oceans. This is a great resource for students learning about national preservations or starting research for a report on one of these topics.

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A to Z the USA & A to Z World Travel

Using these resources your student can click on a state or country they are interested in researching and learn about everything from the animals and plants in the area to food and recipes of the area. This is a great resource for starting research for a state project or for finding a topic idea for your students to write about.

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