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Gilmore Girls Countdown: Stars Hollow

Idyllic downtown gazebo

Stars Hollow. The basis and the heart of the Gilmore Girls. The tiny town where Rory grew up; where everyone fell in love and out of love (hi, Jess); where mishaps happened (remember that time Taylor installed a camera to catch speeding cars and Kirk instead ran his car through Luke's Diner?) and so many television memories were made. Stars Hollow is the cozy, quirky town we all want to visit with a never-ending cup of coffee and a stack of Rory-approved books. While my favorite character on the show happens to be Michel (sarcasm after my own heart), I think many of us out there would choose Stars Hollow as our favorite character because, if there was ever a town with such well-loved and well-lived-in character, it’s Stars Hollow.    


Building the Perfect Gazebo: A Complete Step by Step Guide by David Schiff

So many things happen at or near the Stars Hollow Gazebo that it is really just as much of a town establishment as say, Luke's Diner or The Dragonfly Inn. In fact, Luke and Lorelai share a few special moments and picnics there throughout the seasons and in season two there is even a debate about having the 100-year-old gazebo moved for Sookie's wedding! Learn to construct your very own town square gazebo and start building some Gilmore Girl-inspired memories of your own.


The American Revolution: A Visual History

Like most New England towns, Stars Hollow has a Revolutionary War-based history. As all fans know, each year certain townspeople re-enact this history of 12 men who wait for the Redcoats to come, only to have them never show up at all. As I would guess with most re-enactments certain people scoff (ahem Luke), while others take it very seriously (I'm looking at you, Taylor), but no matter which side you fall on, it never hurts to brush up on your history!


The New England Kitchen: Fresh Takes on Seasonal Recipes by Jeremy Sewall

One of my favorite things about Gilmore Girls is that there is always a lot of food. It seems like almost every scene either involves food (from pizza delivery to Emily Gilmore serving pudding in crystal) or mentions food and there is nothing wrong with that! While Gilmore Girls focuses on many types of cuisine, this book will begin to familiarize your palette with traditional New England food such as crab chowder and creamy oyster stew. It also gives a bonus profile of a New England farmer, perhaps in the same vein as Jackson.


Martha Stewart Living (magazine)

Stars Hollow reminds me of Martha Stewart in some ways, meaning she is both very hip (she has been known to hang out with Snoop Dogg) yet also full of tradition. I mean let’s face it, Stars Hollow is steeped in traditional small town New England vibes (too many to name here), but the neat thing is that there are a lot of non-traditional characters that live within the confines of this beloved town, such as our single mom, business-owning, feminist-daughter-raising Lorelei who, although she breaks old traditions, still fits seamlessly with the values of Stars Hollow. So pick up a Martha Stewart Living magazine (specifically any holiday issue, but, really the December issue) and soak up some new ideas along with your old traditions.


A Holiday Carole by Carole King

What better way to sum up the whole show than to end with some Carole King, who sings the show’s theme song, "Where You Lead." Interestingly enough, the song was a duet between King and her daughter which makes it even more fitting to Gilmore Girls! While this is not the only Carole King CD available through your library system, I chose this one because I personally cannot think of Stars Hollow without thinking about snow, winter, and Christmas. From Lorelai ice skating in marabou and pigtails, to fancy Emily Gilmore holiday parties, and snow(wo)men that look like Bjork, winter and Christmas contain many of my favorite Stars Hollow moments.


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