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EU Referendum Results Are In! The UK Exits

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After 43 years as a member of the European Union, Britain has voted to leave the EU. Dubbed “Brexit,” controversy has marred the political campaigns on both sides since the referendum's inception. These Include the recent slaying of MP Jo Cox and the resignation of Sayeeda Warsi, former chair of Britain’s Conservative Party and pro-leave supporter, citing xenophobia from fellow “Brexit” supporters.

Predictions regarding the impact to the world's economy following a leave result have made other EU member countries uneasy. Some predict a dismantling of the EU while others, such as France, a vocal opponent of Britain's exit, have publicly declared to make withdrawal negotiations difficult for the UK.

Moreover, while the vote in Britain is not legally binding it is now up to the British government and new leadership to begin exit proceedings. Prime Minister David Cameron will step down and vacate his post by October. It is expected that negotiations between member countries will last up to two years and include discussions regarding immigration, trade and finances, among many others.

Regional differences among voters highlighted the closeness of this race. Northern Ireland, London and Scotland voted to remain. This strengthens the argument of the Scottish National Party for a second Scottish independence vote. Regardless of what the future holds, Britain and the world will have to be comfortable with uncertainty and the possible repercussions that many might face.

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