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The Digital Library Trifecta - For Kids!

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Kids today are pretty tech savvy. Maybe your children have an allotted amount of screen time, maybe you give them your phone to use or maybe they have their own phone or tablet. Either way, they probably spend time on a mobile device or computer.

In July, Metro is talking about the digital library trifecta for kids – Kanopy, Hoopla and Overdrive. These three apps are indispensable for anyone who streams music and movies, listens to audiobooks or reads books from a mobile device or tablet. The best part is, the library offers these services free.

If you do not have these applications in your digital toolbox – check them out now! Get the lo-down on each of these apps below.

Kanopy Kids

Kanopy Kids

Kanopy kids is a video streaming service that provides thoughtful entertainment for children aged preschool and up to help them develop empathy, mindfulness and self-esteem. The content has age-based ratings from Common Sense Media and parental controls to keep kids safe. The service includes over 500 titles and new titles are added each month. Some titles on Kanopy include Where the Wild Things Are, Charlotte’s Web, The Little Prince and many others. Titles are listed in easy to browse categories based on age or interest – some interests include educational subject areas such as food and nutrition, history, science, math and nature. Access it on any computer, television or mobile device. The app is also available on Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV for easy streaming to a TV. Parents can simply download the app and put it in kid’s mode. They can also set an optional pin to keep it in kid’s mode.

Hoopla for Kids

Hoopla for Kids

Hoopla streams everything – music, eAudiobooks and videos all in one place, designed for kids up to age 12. Titles range from G to PG. There are no holds or waits for the materials you want. Some movies currently on Hoopla include It Takes Two, Annie, Opposite Day, Where the Red Fern Grows and many others. Hoopla Kids is also a great way to get your kids doing more than watching TV shows and movies – they can listen to some of their favorite children’s books like Pinkalicious, Pete the Cat, Winnie-the-Pooh and others. There are also a variety of eBooks they can read from a mobile device like Percy Jackson, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and other popular titles. Streaming music titles for kids are available as well and include popular titles such as the Moana and Frozen motion picture soundtracks, KidsBop and others. Parents simply download the app, go to their settings and toggle kid’s mode. This allows them to access their content without having to worry about the content they are consuming. The Hoopla app is available on your phone, tablet and TV including Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV and Roku.

book cover

OverDrive Kids

Parents may have already used OverDrive, but did you know OverDrive has a variety of eBooks and eAudiobooks for kids too? Kids can read along to their favorite picture book, read comics and access bestselling fiction and non-fiction titles including Harry Potter, Dork Diaries, The Confidence Code and others. The kid’s collection can be accessed through the OverDrive app by sorting the collection by audience – sorting options include juvenile, young adult, general adult and mature adult. The collection can also be found by sorting by subject area and selecting juvenile fiction, juvenile non-fiction or juvenile literature. This allows parents to select the appropriate materials for their kids. The OverDrive app is available on your mobile device or tablet.

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