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Book Madness 2016 Winner

Fighting books

Book Madness 2016 is over and we have a winner! Cinder by Marissa Meyer. The young adult novel that wouldn't quit! It took on the amazing Elephant and Piggie book I Will Take a Nap! by Mo Willems and came out the victor.




Cinder by Marissa Meyer

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of reading the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series, it takes the Cinderella fairy tale and gives it a twist. Linh Cinder is a Cyborg living in New Beijing after World War IV with her step-mother and two step-sisters. Cyborgs aren't treated very well in New Beijing and Cinder isn't treated very well by her stepmother. She works as a mechanic in the Market Place with the familys’ android to earn her keep. A chance meeting with the future King of Beijing starts Cinder on a path where she will experience loss, friendship, love and power all in a quest to save her adopted planet and find out who she really is.

For other adapted fairy tales:


Beastly by Alex Finn

For a take on Beauty and the Beast there is Beastly by Alex Finn. Heartless and cruel, Kyle Kingsbury rules his upper crust school - that is, until he insults and angers the wrong Goth girl. When she curses him and turns him as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside, he hides from the outside world in a Brooklyn brownstone, chatting up other transformed individuals in chatrooms. When Lindy moves in and sees more in Kyle than just his outside, he realizes that that he could get a curse-lifting kiss and he could live happily ever after.

Stitching Snow by R. C. Lewis

In this updated version of Snow White, Essie cage fights for cash and stitches machine code for seven autonomous drones on the planet Thanda. When she rescues the perfectly charming Dane from a shuttle crash, he realizes that she is the long lost Princess Snow and wants her to come back home as a pawn in an interplanetary war. But Essie isn’t some meek, passive princess she’s tough, cynical, paranoid and a fighter - she has to be after what she’s been through. Stitching Snow is a gritty, clever take on the Snow White fairy tale.

A Long, Long Sleep by Anne Sheehan

A Long, Long Sleep is a take on Sleeping Beauty. Rosalinda Fitzroy has been asleep for decades and in that time, disasters, diseases and technological advances have occurred. When she wakes up she finds that she is the long-lost heir to the interplanetary business UniCorp. Because she has slept for so long Rose is only able to connect to Bren, the person who found her stasis tube, and Otto, the result of some unethical UniCorp experiments. Touching on science fiction and romance, A Long, Long Sleep has some unevenness, but in the end it’s a thoughtful and enjoyable read.

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