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Best of Kanopy: Romantic Comedies

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   Love is in the air!

It's that time of year where cupids are pointing their arrows and hearts are being showered with love. It is the perfect time to sit down and watch some romantic comedies with your S/O or BFF! And with Kanopy, Metro's newest streaming service, you are able to watch six movies for free with no waiting on holds. Kanopy has a wide variety of movies, including foreign, classics, and indie films. It is available on the web, iOS, Android, AppleTV, Chromecast, and Roku. I was super excited to find all of these movies to share!

If you enjoy a good laugh, maybe a couple tears, these would be great for your Valentine's Day. I suggest a great cup of tea, a fuzzy blanket and a cuddle buddy as accompaniments to all titles.


200 Pounds Beauty cover

200 Pounds Beauty

This is the #1 bestselling Comedy at the Korean box office. Han-na has a great voice, she only has a little problem. She's too fat! And ugly! She works as the voice of a super K-Pop star Ammy and is in love with her producer. But when she finds out that the producer, Sang-Jun, thinks she is just a means to an end, her heart is broken. Han-na decides to get full body plastic surgery to try and get back at Sang-jun and Ammy. Fast forward a year and Han-na is a beautiful woman, but with her beauty will she get everything she wanted? I hate to be a cliché but I did the whole laugh and then cry at the end. This is my first Korean film, it was interesting to see how different it was than a Western style romantic comedy. It has more of a slapstick approach, which I love. It broke the stereotypical will they/won't they mold too. Plus, if you love catchy songs the soundtrack is full of earworms.

Tokyo Fiancée cover

Tokyo Fiancée

Amelie is a 20-year-old Belgian girl who moves to Tokyo to satisfy her love of all things Japan. She becomes a French tutor for the mysterious and handsome Rinri, but really wants to write. Rinri's lessons start off typical, meeting in cafes but soon Rinri starts to teach Amelie of the Tokyo he knows. Amelie's writing becomes an afterthought and her lessons with Rinri become more intimate in nature. French flims are weird, or maybe it was because I have never seen one before, just the spoofs that SNL makes. It was super adorable. Amelie might as well have been me when I was 20, right down to the clothing choices. The love between Amelie and Rinri is so innocent and pure it kinda hurts.

Drinking Buddies cover

Drinking Buddies

Luke and Kate work together at a Chicago brewery, but workplace friendships can be difficult, especially between a man and a woman. Kate is in a relationship with Chris, and Luke has been engaged to Jill forever it seems. When the four of them go on a weekend trip to the lake, relationships get questioned. Kate seems like the type of girl I would want to hang out with--she gets along with the guys, doesn't take any crap, and has a keen taste in beer. The cast is full of noticeable actors, Olivia Wilde, Anna Kendrick, Jake Johnson--or Nick from New Girl-- and Ron Livingston the Office Space guy. It wasn't what I was expecting but I still loved it. It isn't about romantic love, it's that strong love between your BFF that you would do anything for and protect with your life.

It Had To Be You cover

It Had To Be You

   It had to be you... It had to be you...    

The Frank Sinatra classic is the main soundtrack for this movie. Sonia is that typical 30-something still trying to figure her life out. When she spies on her boyfriend, Chris, he's creating a romantic engagement scene. Freaking out, Sonia makes a mess of everything. Will she be able to dig herself out of the grave that she dug? Or will she make her life more of a jumbled mess? Sonia is played by the titular character from How I Met Your Mother (Cristin Milioti) it is a perfect role. I can see this being an alternate reality where she doesn't meet Ted Mosby and her happily ever after comes with sweet songs and slow dances. I loved that this was kind of a reverse in roles, with the male lead wanting to get married and the female is the one that is hesitant. It also made me want to dance with my significant other.

His Girl Friday cover

His Girl Friday

The 1940 classic. Hildy has one more thing to do before she marries Bruce Baldwin, tell her ex-husband/ex-boss that she is getting remarried and quitting the newspaper business. Walter, her ex, is shocked and horrified. So he does what he knows best, using his wits and knowhow to con Hildy into one more story to get her to stay. He also tries his hand at having Bruce taken care of. Hildy is such a fierce and independent woman, she sees through all the tricks that Walter has up his sleeve. But will her drive and ambition cause her to throw away her stable life? Starring the suave Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell this Golden Era gem is a gorgeous time capsule. I admire Hildy, she holds her own in a male dominated world and is not afraid to speak her mind in a time where women were still expected to be seen not heard. The fast pace and quick snappy dialogue is everything I was led to believe what a typical newspaper was back in the day.

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