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Anyone Can Art!

Remember when you were a kid, and most days had art time built right in? And you were always trying new things, and even if you were terrible it didn’t matter? Well, I’ve got some good news for you: you can have that again right now! There is no reason to ever stop doing art.

It’s ok if you can’t think of an original thing to do. You weren’t the first kid ever to trace your hand onto construction paper and make a turkey, either. Your library has all the inspiration you need to wake up your creative side.


Finger Painting Weekend Workshop : a Beginner’s Guide to Creating Brush-Free Works of Art by Iris Scott

This book teaches you about the techniques and materials you need to get started, and then takes you step by step through 5 easy projects meant to be finished in one sitting. You’ll be working with oil paint, so wear gloves. It’s fun, easy, quick, and messy!

Drawing and Painting Animals with Expression by Marjolein Kruijt

If you’re looking for a bigger challenge, this book may be for you. Learn to capture Fluffy, Spot, or Seabiscuit’s personality in your portraits. Be advised this book does seem to be for the experienced artist. I spent most of the time staring blankly at it thinking “But how make picture… good?” That’s ok, though. Give it a try anyway, and if you don’t like your paintings, just tear them up.

Making Mosaics by Sally Henry and Trevor Cook

No, really! Tear or cut your paintings into pieces and turn them into even better art. All you need is bits of colored paper, glue, cardboard, shells, fabric… anything that can be glued down is good for mosaics. This book has instructions for portraits, planters, mirrors, picture frames, boxes, and on and on. It’s so easy!

Big Impact Landscaping : 28 DIY Projects You Can Do on a Budget to Beautify and Add Value to Your Home by Sara Bendrick

If you get tired of inside art, take your creativity outside! Follow the plans in this book, or just arrange some rocks into pleasing configurations. Pretend you’re in a Zen garden and rake the dirt in a meditative fashion. Or make mud pies. Speaking of mud pies…

Mug Cakes : Chocolate : Ready in 2 Minutes in the Microwave! by Sandra Mahut

Have you ever seen a sand mandala? It’s basically a piece of art created with sand. It’s there for only a moment, and then it’s dismantled. Those who were there to see it had an experience that can’t be fully described to those who weren’t. Which brings us to cooking – if you ask me, it’s much the same. The mug cake is perhaps one of the most ephemeral treats, a deeply private experience between you, the artist, and you, the consumer. Create a masterpiece just for yourself by following the recipes exactly – or indulge your playful, creative side by adding random things and seeing what happens.

Hollywood Beauty by Laura Slater

What? I assure you, your face is art. Your hair is art. The colors and shapes you choose, the drama of the light and shadow… it’s all art. Turn yourself into an exhibition of Old Hollywood glamour and go out on the town, or just stay home and enjoy a front row seat to your own one-person show. If, like me, you don’t wear makeup, there’s always Olivia de Havilland’s All-Over Skin Care Routine to turn you into a walking piece of performance art!

Capture Your Style: Transform your Instagram Images, Showcase your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform by Aimee Song

If you’d like to make art just for yourself, that is a valid choice. But if you’re interested in sharing with others, this book will help you with techniques and strategies for putting your mug cakes, makeovers, and paintings out there for consumption. Use the art of photography to capture your other art. It’s artception!

I hope this has inspired you to make some good art. How can you tell if your art is good? Well, did you have a nice time making it? Did you forget your problems for a while? Then it’s good art. Be proud! Hang it on the refrigerator, post it online, or just admire it.

Now get out there and art some art!


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