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Spring Reads

Spring has sprung!  Share these great Spring books with a little reader in your life.

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

This educational and enjoyable book helps children understand how to plant bulbs, seeds, and seedlings as well as how to nurture their growth.


Peepsqueak! by Leslie Ann Clark

As soon as little Peepsqueak bursts out of his shell, he is on the move!

He is determined to fly-high, High, High! But is he too little to reach the sky?

Young children will love this debut from author-illustrator Leslie Ann Clark about Peepsqueak, a lively little chick who doesn't give up, no matter what.


Spring Blossoms by Carole Gerber

Spring is here, and with the new season come trees full of life, color. . .and blossoms! From the creators of Leaf Jumpers and Winter Trees, Spring Blossoms introduces readers to a variety of different flowering trees.

During a stroll through the forest, two children come across the small and white flowers on a crab apple tree, the rich, red buds on a red maple, and many more. Along the way, readers learn that some trees have both male and female flowers-each with a distinctive appearance. Back matter includes extended botanical facts and more information about trees and their life cycles.

Told in lyrical rhymes with beautiful linoleum-cut illustrations, Spring Blossoms offers a unique blend of science, poetry, and art studies.


999 Frogs Wake Up by Ken Kimura

Wake up—it’s springtime in the swamp! As 999 young frogs awaken, they panic to find that all of the other animals are still asleep. First they wake the biggest frog… then the tortoise, the lizard, and the ladybugs. But when they hop down a hole and all pull together, they find someone they don’t want to wake—a big, long snake. Don’t wake him up! Luckily for the frogs, the tortoise carefully carries him away.


My Garden by Kevin Henkes

The girl in this book grows chocolate rabbits, tomatoes as big as beach balls, flowers that change color, and seashells in her garden.

How does your garden grow?



Kristin Williamson

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In Oklahoma City, born and raised, in the backyard is where I spent most of my days.
Chillin' out, reading, playing with the dogs, or climbing up trees or trying to catch frogs.
When I was a little older, but still in school,
I started looking around for a job that I thought might be cool.
I tried music stores, Starbucks, office jobs, and then finally....I thought, "Nah, forget those...Let's try the library."

I started as a page in Edmond and then it became clear,
This was the greatest job, and not just for Senior year.
Over the next several years, I moved up through the system.
From page, to circ clerk, to librarian for children.
I went and got my Masters in LIS;
I kept working hard and trying to do my best.

Now I still do programs and school visits and festivals,
Work with the community and sometimes train other professionals,
Help plan summer reading, every day is just a peach.
And that's what I do as the Children's Coordinator in Outreach

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