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Metro Library Podcast Released

Metro Library Podcast

The Metropolitan Library System released a new series of Oklahoma-themed podcasts celebrating Oklahoma arts, culture and history as well as the lives of influential Oklahomans today.

The first podcast launched Thursday, November 29 with additional ones in December. On Saturday, Dec. 1 a special on the BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle, a vestige of the holiday season in Oklahoma launched. MLS will release a new episode monthly. Upcoming discussion topics include multi-episode segments on Oklahoma alcohol laws and the process for running for office in Oklahoma, a segment on the history of roller derby in Oklahoma and guest speakers including Oklahoma Poet Laurette Jeanetta Calhoun Mish and author Kim Ventrella.

“We are excited to launch the Metropolitan Library System’s first podcast and we think it will be something that Oklahomans everywhere can relate to,” Metropolitan Library System Special Collections Manager Buddy Johnson said. “It spotlights great Oklahomans, our rich Oklahoma history and the great work we do together as a community,”

The library’s special collections department will host the podcast. Episodes will include a variety of topics, but each topic will be Oklahoma-related. The podcast can be streamed online at podcast.metrolibrary.org.

Oklahoma by the Drink

The first podcast episode is a 3-part series that dives into alcohol laws in Oklahoma, beginning with Oklahoma becoming the fourth dry state to enter the United States. However, even with prohibition laws written into the Oklahoma Constitution, sources point out that it was easy to find a bootlegger. Alcohol laws were eventually modernized, allowing liquor by the drink at local clubs and then later to allow 3.2 percent beer to be available in the grocery stores. The podcast explains the history behind the decisions regarding alcohol in Oklahoma leading to our recently passed liquor laws. Interviews include the owner of Byron’s Liquor Warehouse, local historians and one of the lawmakers involved in the most recent liquor law change in Oklahoma.

The Legacy of the BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle

The next podcast documents the success and popularity of the BC Cark Anniversary Sale Jingle, which has gained national attention. The jingle was first produced in 1956 and has since been sung while Christmas caroling, used as a litmus test to determine if an individual is really from central Oklahoma and has even been used in school plays, according to the podcast. Most jingles are only effective for a few years, so what makes this one so unique? The Metropolitan Library System podcast will reveal what makes it a Christmas staple in Oklahoma. Interviews include Oklahoman’s discussing what the jingle means to them, an interview with the owner of BC Clark’s and an interview with a local music expert theorizing why he thinks the jingle has been so effective.

What goes into a political campaign?

Ever wondered what it takes to run for office? The library will release a 2-part podcast series discussing what it takes to become a political candidate in Oklahoma. While the initial paperwork may be relatively simple, candidates discuss door-to-door campaigning, scheduling talks with local organizations, grassroots politics and more. The episode includes an interview with a State Election Board official and interviews with recent Oklahoma candidates highlighting their experience running for office.

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